There is an old expression in the South about overcoming obstacles and persevering - "the Lord willing and the creek don't rise."  Well, this creek is RISING!  For over a hundred years, the monument and legacy of Henry Flagler's railroad is a scar along the east coast of Florida through wetlands, inland estuaries, forests, rivers and creeks.  At Spruce Creek in Volusia County, Florida, the rail bed and railroad trestle have become a dam or spillway for water, wildlife and watercraft.  


Our Mission

Spruce Creek Rising, Inc. is dedicated to the following goals:

(1) The removal of organic and inorganic materials under and around the Florida East Coast Railway trestle to provide safe and broader access to and from Spruce Creek for water, wildlife and watercraft.

(2) Development of a long term maintenance plan to maintain safe and broader access to and from Spruce Creek for water, wildlife and watercraft.

(3) The removal or modification of the rail bed on the south side of the railway trestle to allow for improved water flow and water quality in Spruce Creek.

(4) The improvement of tidal water flow and navigation of Strickland Bay and Turnbull Bay to the east of Spruce Creek.

(5) Protection and advocacy for Spruce Creek, an Outstanding Florida Water, and accessibility to adjoining environmental and recreational treasures at Doris Leeper Spruce Creek Preserve, Spruce Creek Park, the Gamble Place, the Russell Property and the headwaters of Spruce Creek itself.

What We've Achieved

  • Absolutely nothing!  Unless you count a little bit of hell-raising, we have yet to get any movement on our efforts to save Spruce Creek from being slowly strangled to death.  That's the sad truth!  We need your help to get things moving.
  • Awakening!  For years, residents and boaters accessing Spruce Creek have tolerated the unsafe, unsound conditions at the FEC trestle.  We need to speak for the creek and RISE UP!
  • Collaborating.  We are developing a cohesive block of unlikely allies to advocate for remediation of the FEC trestle and the protection of neighboring bays - anglers, boaters, paddlers, environmentalists, preservationists, shoreline residents and recreationalists.
  • Speaking out for Spruce Creek.  This website is only one of several ways we are spreading the word about the protection of Spruce Creek.